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Bella, the families new dog Oslo 990908 Our family has a new member. Her name is Bella and she was 12 weeks old on last Monday (the 8th. of Sep). Last weekend the whole family went to Lillesand with her, where I took a great number of pictures. Here´s one and I will publish more pretty soon.
  Budapest, Hungary
Me with the city of Budapest in the back Oslo 990901 I went to Budapest last weekend for a course. If you follow this link you will find quite many pictures. May take a while to download for you with modems.
This years sailtrip
Serious sailing Oslo 990820 The pictures from this years sailtrip has arrived. As you can see there was some pretty heavy sailing this year. Take a look on them. You will also find pictures from 97 here and 98 here.
  Quote from Bengt Almgren
Oslo 990825 "While I was sitting at Økokrim with five investigators opposite of me, I said : The eagle flyes alone and the sheep comes in herd. (..) The Økokrim then put me into custody, because they we´re afraid that I would destroy the evidence. I said to them that I had learnt something from Anders Jahre*. The documents that should be burnt, are burnt"

Bengt Almgren tells what happened when he showed up at Økokrim after it has been revealed that he has embezzeled 130 million NOK in 1997. He was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison.

* Anders Jahre is a deceased Norwegian shipowner who concealed a great deal of his wealth abroad to avoid taxation

Oslo 990820 Having problems with the pictures
I´m having problems with the javascript in the pictures area. I´m currently working on it.
  Run Forrest Run
Pilot frontpage
Yes this is the pilot
Val d´Isère This is the way I can imagine the frontpage to look like. How does it look ? Since you´re already here why don´t you take a look on Val d´Isère´s pages ?
New pictures
Some pictures from IW98 in Milano
SEN I have published quite many pictures that I found on SEN´s site from the International Week in Milano last October. You can find them here.
  Pictures developed
From a pimp and whore party Pictures from this winter soon to be published
I´ve just picked up two filmrolls of pictures from this winter. I´ll bring them to Hemsedal this weekend (30. april-2. may) and will then scan them and put them on the site. Meanwhile my fans can enjoy an old picture from 1994

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