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Some information about me....

My name is Alexander Bore and I'm 24 years old. I'm born and have lived almost all my life in Oslo, except for half a year in England (close to Bristol) where I did an exchange. In Oslo I live in a flat close to the center of the city. This flat I share with two other friends. You can find some new and some old pictures of me here and here.

Besides my studies at NSM, I work at Telenor Nextel. The company is Norway's largest ISP (Internet Service Provider) and Iīve been working there for over three years. At Nextel I have a job as a systemconsultant. In addition to this I also run my own company since 1995. This small company does everything from IT-consulting to reselling computers and other electronic equipment.

In my spare time I do a lot of skiing during the winter. Usually this means going away for the weekend to spend a couple of days at a resort with intense skiing (and some partying). I'm of course a free heeler (telemark). This is due to the fact that I find it more challenging and that the equipment is easier to handle when your skiing than slalom. During the summer I just like to rest at my summer house in the southern part of Norway or spend time sailing. The great thing about sailing is that itīs very relaxing and that it gives you an opportunity to do a lot of thinking ! Besides all this I'm a very social guy who like to travel a lot and see the world :-)

Any questions, comments or anything else. Please feel free to e-mail me at : alexander@bore.no or you can go back to the front page again www.bore.no

Alexander Bore

The basics

Name:Alexander Bore
Address:Ole Vigs gate 21 A
Zip code:N-0366 Oslo
Tel:+47 22 60 77 00
Fax:+47 22 60 95 22
Mobile:+47 920 35 336
Interfon:+47 850 00 165
ICQ#:1335355 nick : pjallex

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