My trip to Budapest 27.08-30.08 1999

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Friday. Enjoying a meal with SAS. My collegue Torbjørn Johansen.
We met Carsten and Bela at the airport. Off course they´ve lost a piece of luggage. Saturday = McDonald´s after a hard night.
Say no more. Casten and me with Duna in the back.
Downtown on Saturday. At a cafe downtown Budapest
Carsten with Duna in the back. Me with Duna in the back.
Me at the hotelroom. Bela and Carsten in Anne´s apartment.
Just plain me Anne, Bela and Carsten.
Sunday. At the castle on Castle Hill I found a nice statue. Me in front of the statue.
Me with the outlook from Castle hill. The Parliament and the island in the middle of the Donau.
Strange... It´s me again. Bela making dinner. Krompli Purkly is on the menu. In other words, potatoes with Hungarian sausage, pepper and spices.
Carsten practicing his moves while Anne has everything under control ? Bela, Anne and Kim who represents Sweden.
At the table with Pål from Sandefjord. Our host Anne.
Getting late on Sunday. We´re about to go to the hotel. One last picture while we´re still are sober, or ?
The course started and due to lack of sleep I dozed of at every opportunity (To my boss : It´s Arranged) Setting the standard under the course (To my boss : It´s Arranged).
At the airport in Budapest. On my way home :-) Tired.