NOR 7401 S/Y Figaro VII summer of 1999 Kristiansand - Grimstad - Skagen - Kristiansand - Stavanger

Crew :
Kristiansand - Lillesand Roar Johnsen, Karl Otto Eidem and Tore Hovda
Lillesand - Grimstad - Skagen - Kristiansand - Stavanger Roar Johnsen, Karl Otto Eidem, Tore Hovda and Alexander Bore

If you click on the pictures you will see the whole picture. All pictures by Tore Hovda and Karl Otto Eidem
Blindleia by the Justö bridge. I just had a refreshing bath by my summerhouse.
Karl Otto and me in the middle of Skagerak.
The weather was like this all the time back and forth to Skagen.
KO "licks" sun
From time to time the sailing got extremely serious.
I´m waiting for the wind in the Doldrums (Skagerak).
Between Farsund og (N)Egersund came the secondmeters(?)
Sun and blue skies with 17 secm.
Tore Hovda. This years freshman on his first hard trip with the experienced crew on board S/Y Figaro Our captain Roar
Ehh nice view Karl The sail
The guys in the cockpit At last. In port
And what did we find in Denmark ? Yes a Danish fishboat Over my head in sand
Then came Lindesnes. Norway´s southernest point Karl O and I with Lindesnes in the background. Nice
Passing the lighthouse at Lindesnes Then came the rough weather between Farsund and Egersund. I have everything under control
Roar looking a bit... Wawes coming almost over the boat and into the cockpit
More waves. Picture taken safely from the cockpit Roar out to fix the anchor. Be careful